Magic Machine - Story

A village man who had never known about technology development came to his son’s apartment in a big city.
One morning, his son went to work so the son told his father not to go out too far from the apartment. After several hours, the man felt bored so he wanted to go out from the apartment. When he went out from the apartment and looked around him, he saw an elderly couple entered a small room; the room’s door closed.
          After several minutes, a young couple went out from the room and they were laughing happily. The man was very shocked; he stared at the young couple in wonder. Finally, he walked to the room’s door and asked a security who was standing there.
          “Excuse me, is that a magic machine the man pointed to the room
          “Can it make me young again?” The man continued.
          But the security creased her eyebrows and asked the man
          “What are you talking about? This is an elevator, Sir.”


*Adopted from an Indonesian funny story
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