Responding to Short Story "Act Like Others"

In this post, I will write about my response to a short story I read on a web. The story is titled "Act Like Others". To see the full text of the story, go click Act Like Others (Short Story)

   So.... This story is one of the English short stories level 5 for intermediate. The title of the story is “Act like others”. This story has four characters; they are Jack, Lydia, Mike and Anna. The teens are on holiday in France.
I like this story because even this is a funny story, it also have moral lesson that we have to know about. The moral lesson is we should understand what people do before we act like the others. The plot of the story is a forward plot, so we can understand it easily. The story starts when the teens are in France to spend their holiday; they start to take a trip each other. Lydia and Anna decide to go for shopping in the city. Beside, Mike and Jack love to go to visit historical buildings. The end of a story is when Mike and Jack finally understand that they followed a tradition in French in a new baby born ceremony.
 I like the part when Jack and Mike stand up and the people burst into laughter, I can imagine how shy they are when they already know that the announcement is about to ask the father of the new baby born to stand up.

I do not really like the characters because they did not have some special characteristics or something that I am interested in themselves.

I recommend to add some parts before the happening in that church that tell about another happening that Jack and Mike did not know the meaning but they still follow the happening.

I think this is a good and funny story because it can make me laugh when the first time I read the story; it is unpredictable too, because I do not even think that Jack and Mike will be an object of ridicule.
The text story using present tense and colloquial language so it will be easy for the reader to understand the story. The moral story was written there, so we do not need to find out it, but it will be better if we can find another lesson from this story.

To see the full text of the story, click Act Like Others (Short Story)