Maze Runner 2: An Intriguing Escapism Set

Have you seen this movie?
It is a series and I got excited every time I heard that the next series will be released.
And I always had that:
"Ouch..." "Oh no..." "Please.. Don't do that" "Run.. come on run" screaming scenes starred by me.
Yeah.... Me me.

Now, let's talk about the movie.

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Maze Runner The Scorch Trials is the second series of James Dashner’s popular novels which was adapted into movies by Wess Ball, the director of this film. This film was released on 10th of September 2015 by 21th Century Fox. The genre of this film is action, science fiction, and mystery with 131 minutes duration. This film tells about the Gladers who escape from the maze after finding the way out by beating the monsters Griever and save to a place named Scorch. In this place, they have to face the real test of Ava Paige’s project. This film is starred by Dylan O’Brien as Thomas, the main character, Kaya Schodelario as Teresa, Ki Hong Lee as Minho, Thomas Broodie Sangster as Newt, Giancarlo Esposito as Jorge, Aidan Gillen as Janson, Patricia Clarkson as Ava Paige, and Lili Taylor as Mary Cooper.

This movie is started with Thomas and the "Gladers" are saved by helicopter by some people to a safer place. At this point, they are given the pleasure that they never acquire while in the maze. They are given a shelter, food, nice clothes and nice beds. This place is called Scorch where hundreds of people who have passed the first test merge without any suspicious. Every night, when they gather to eat, some people are called and stumble upon the nefarious medical experiments scientists, which is initiated by Dr. Ava Paige where they have to be sacrificed to avert a terrible plague that attacks the world. After that, Thomas and the Gladers try to escape from Scorch, to the world outside. They are chased and hide somewhere which is infested by zombies. These zzombies are the humans who have been exposed to the virus Crank, which this virus can easily spread.

This movie offers a very different story and background compared with The Maze Runner 1 where the Gladers live near the jungles and unpretentious houses which the walls block around. On the contrary, the Gladers in The Scorch Trials are performed the modern technologies that the mysterious organization-WCKD have. There are no trees outside like in the previous place, only the dusty dessert with the collapsing buildings and solar flares.  Also, in terms of roles, the Gladers roles are not developed in The Scorch Trials. Even, Ki Hong Lee and Thomas Broodie Sangster which play much in Maze Runner 1 do not get much roles in this film. Meanwhile, in term of similarity, in Maze Runner 1, the maze and the boys’ stitched-together society are enough to tell a compelling story, even if the all-boys-and-one-girl dynamic was oddly devoid of any sexuality (Robey, 2015). It is applied for all of The Scorch Trials, except for one moment. 

There are some parts that are very exciting and thrilling in this film, where one of the  Gladers, Winston suffers from the virus Crank and has to shot himself. When the sound of gunfire is heard in the desert, the Gladers stop while creating a very interesting picture in the middle of the desert. The next part is when the Gladers run to avoid the lightning which is  very close to the earth surface and also when they avoid zombies attack. While the most part that makes the audience infuriate, where Teresa betrayed Thomas by telling WCKD the location of the Gladers who are hiding with another group called "The Right Arm" which cause destruction of the group camp.

Overall, this movie combines insurrection, politics, and science. It is also able to make the audiences aware of the importance of trust, friendship and sacrifice (Sullivan, 2015). However, this film has the weaknesses. First, the pictures quality looks like unreal especially for the outside world. Then all background of this film looks the same as in The Hunger Games and Divergent. Although it has many similarities with both films because of its background,  this film still has its own characteristics, especially in terms of plot from the outset that only give some clues in order to make the audiences feel curious until the end of this film (Barker, 2015). In fact, at the end of the story, the film still give the curiosity for the audiences for one of the main characters, Minho, who is arrested by WCKD and Thomas decided to go in order to save one of his friends. The curiosity of the audiences will be answered when the third series of Maze Runner: The Death Cure which will be released in 2017.

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