What I think about Future Career Planning

After the graduation of college or high school, most of people will start to think about a future career. Even before the graduation. The reasons are because of career is one of the most significant things in our life. It is what we will do for the rest of our life maybe, or because future career is unfortunately some people’s reasons of taking education. Like… It is, right? So, in choosing the career, it would be better that it suits our passion, or even suits what we need for life.

The first thing to be done is planning. What we should do properly to attain our goals, the future, in other words, a job that we love or at least, we are comfortable enough with. I think everyone has several sort of significant goals that they hope to achieve in the future. And for a significant number people, it includes some type of dream job. Of course to achieve that dream job, we need to plan what to do.

Planning is needed in the future career because it helps us grow. It is an essential part of our personal growth and development. It is also an effective way to ensure you never lose motivating along the way because of we had plan for the future and set a specific timeline for accomplishing the things that we want to achieve. Moreover, our career plan is an opportunity to maximize our true potential. In addition, it can also be used to determine the steps needed and can help us design our future the way we would like.

The career goal is also needed in the future career because of it give us a direction. The goal gives us “… the roadmap that showing various checkpoints …” and what we require to get the final line and getting what we want (Oscar, 2015).  Besides that, it motivate us because of we have a clear image where we are and where we want to be. So, we “fell more motivated to pursue” our next goal (Oscar, 2015). In addition, it is used to measure growth what is making us forward or opposite.  It is also makes us responsible. Responsibility is “the measure of our commitment to our goals to fulfill what we have determined setting to achieve it. Afterward, our goal will be achieved and make us conscious to put our time and energy to attain the target that we set out.

In a career goal setting, according to (Florenceng, 2014), there are several things that must be paid attention before in various levels. Firstly, we decide what we want to do. Next, we prioritize more achievable goals that we have to achieve. It will make accomplishing our goal easier to manage and help streamline the process to achieve our ultimate goal. The last, we formulate and develop a proper plan for our goal.  “It can be best to establish a step by step plan” that will enable us “to start working towards achieving it” (Florenceng, 2014). On the other hand, there are several tips in setting career goal according to (Florenceng, 2014), which are know our strengths and weaknesses, what our overall career goal is, steps to achieve our goals and measuring the progress of our goals. 

On the other hand, according to (Kihn) when we set goals, keep the following in mind; make sure that our goals are specific, write down our goals, set some long and short term goals, make sure we are able to measure the outcome of our goals, make sure that our goals are realistic and achievable, sharing our goals with the people we trust, be flexible, make sure that our goals are achievable with a time period and periodically take a look back at our goals and the progress, what we had done (Kihn). Kihn said, creating a plan and setting goals for the future career have same strength as creating a road map which will take us  to the future.

One of the effort to reach what we want as a career is choosing a program that can help them reach the goals. Personally, I want to be a professional English teacher as my career, and also a blogger. So, to get what I want as my career, I have to improve my skills, enrich my knowledge and get many experiences as I can in the field where I am going to be in the future. I believe that English department of education which I had chosen can help me reach the goal. Besides that, I also trust that a good educational background and ability to use it in beneficial conditions is a significant point in rising along career stages.  .   

Well, it can be concluded that achieving the future career needs plans and goals. Planning career helps us grow and helps us designing our future the way we would like it to be. We should see what we had done and what should be done next. I believe this can help us.

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