I have a friend (description text)

I have a friend. She is my best friend. Her name is Alimin Lapa. Her name is like a boy’s name. She is from Semau Island in East Nusa Tenggara province but now she is studying in Gunung Tembak, Balikpapan. I call her Minchay.

Minchay is tall, she has a sharp nose. She has a small mole on her Chin and she wears veil.

Minchay and I met firstly when I was confused on my first day in Senior High School. Since then, we have been friends and then we become a very close friend after we spent time together.

Minchay is a very nice person. I like her kindness and her caring. We usually share our problem and spend our time dreaming about our future and discussing about how our school will be like in 2025.