Japan in her eyes (short story)

Long time ago, there was a girl who had a bad habit. She often tells lie to her friends. Her name is Bunga.

“Hum, when I was a child, my father and I went to Japan every holiday” said Bunga when she saw her friends were admiring a picture of Sakura blossom flower.

“Really? What a happy childhood memories”

“Sure.” She smiled.

“And have you seen the Sakura flower when it blossoms?” asked her friend.

“Yes, of course.”

Such then, she lied to everyone about her holidays in Japan or overseas. However, because all of her stories were weird and sound bizarre, her friends did not believe in her.

“Hey Bunga, have you eaten “Aishiteru”?” A students tried to test her honesty and knowledge about Japanese culture.

“Oh yeah, of course, I have.” Answered Bunga.

“Really? How’s the taste?” The students became curious.

“Hum, it taste like… oh, you know, sandwich. It has many tastes...” Bunga explained.



“Hey girl. Think before say anything. Aishiteru is not a food. It is a word in Japan and it means “I love you” How could it tastes like sandwich?” The student asked Bunga’s answer. Everyone there laughed.

Well, it wa s a lie. She told many lie to the studnets. Moreover, Bunga also told the students that she visited Eiffel Tower when she was in Japan, while in fact Eiffel Tower is located in Japan.

Since the incident, no one believe her words. Even if she tell the truth.