Narrative text - Stupid liar

Stupid liar

By: Ummu Imro'atus Sholihah

            Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a bad habit; she is very like to lie other people in her boarding school. Her name is Bunga.
            “Hum, when I was child, my father and I always go to Japan for our holidays,” said Bunga when she looked her friends were awing a picture of cherry-blossom.
            “Really? It’s a great childhood.”
            “Sure.” Bunga smiled.
            “Have you seen the cherry-blossom?” Her friends asked again.
            Such then, she lied to everyone about her holidays in Japan. However, because her story is strange, her friends did not believe in her.
            “Hey Bunga, Have you ever eaten “Aishiteru”?”        A student tried to test her truly.
            “Oh yeah, of course. I’ve eaten it?”
            “Really? How it’s tasted?”
            “Hum, it’s tasted like… oh, you know... sandwich. Aishiteru has many tastes…”
The student smiled scornful.
“Hmm, don’t you think it girls? Aishiteru is not a food, it is a word in Japan, and it means ‘I Love You’. How can it be a food like sandwich?”--- And everyone laughed loudly.
Moreover, she told her friends about her holidays in Japan, she visited Eiffel tower, but the students did not believe her because they knew that it was a lie, Eiffel is located in Paris. Is it right?
In addition, she accepted the consequence; no one is believe her words. Even she told the truth until it really happened or other students tell it.