Kurikulum 2013 - Pro and Cons (Discussion text)

Recently in Indonesia, there are pro and cons about the new curriculum applied for the formal education. Some people tend to ban it while others are start to apply it at school. So, here is my comment about "Kurikulum 2013" or Kurtilas.

Kurtilas's strengths and weaknesses.

    Curriculum is a method which is made consisting of some orientations as a planning in education. It is needed to reach the aims of education in a country. Nowadays in Indonesia, governments created a new curriculum named Curriculum 2013.
Curriculum 2013 was made as a new orientation of education in Indonesia. It is a combination of two previous curriculum in Indonesia, CBSA (Cara Belajar Santri Aktif) and KTSP (Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan). Curriculum 2013 has many advantages in aiming to reach a better education in Indonesia. It was made in order that the students are able to focus on the challenges of the future of the nation.
    However, the reason for the application of Curriculum 2013 doesn’t have a strong foundation. Besides many teachers, parents or even students are do not agree with its application because it seemed that the curriculum was made without looking at the reality in Indonesia. It also has to be noted that there is no in-depth study of the causes of the failure of the previous curriculum; KTSP, which makes KTSP have to be replaced with a new curriculum.