(Visiting) Museum Pos Indonesia - Bandung

Written by Ummu Imro'atus Sholihah

Museum Pos Indonesia is located in St. Cilaki No. 73 Bandung, West Java exactly in the right of Gedung Sate. This museum, built in Indies-Netherland era in 1933. First, this building was designed by the architects J. Berger and Leutdsgebouwdienst and named Pos Telegraph dan Telepon (PTT).1

In Japan era until Indonesia got its freedom this museum had been unmaintained. Yet in 1983, Perum Pos dan Giro took care of this museum then the name was changed into Museum Pos dan Giro authorized by Achmad Tahir, Ministry of Post Tourism and telecommunication in that era. Eventually, this museum changed the name into Pos Indonesia in 1995.2

Stamps collection beside the enter door
Museum Pos Indonesia is a place where we can see the history of Pos Indonesia. This museum has many postage stamps collection; they are about 50 million postage stamps from 178 countries in the world such as China, Netherland, England, Canada and even Dominika. We can find the collection of postage stamp easily since the stamps is placed right before the enter door.

Museum Pos Indonesia has several rooms such as historical gallery of post stuffs, library, collection room, reparation room, and administration room. In historical gallery, we can see many collections of historical objects like Pos Indonesia’s old transportation, postage stamps of Pos Indonesia and its printers from throughout years, the staff uniforms throughout years, some different package weights; one of them is a package weight made in England that had been used in Netherland era, post bags, the old variations of post boxes, and the automatic post stuffs seller machine etc

Stamps collection
Package weight

Still in historical gallery, there are some pictures in the corner of this room showing us the process of postage stamps productions; from the printing process until the stamps are ready to be used. Also, there is a diorama of post service and the other visualizations.

"The Penny Black"
Moving to the other room of this museum, we will see more collections of postage stamps here which most of them are from Netherland since we knew that this museum was built by the Netherland post company. Some of the postage stamps are locked with iron barriers because they have been existed for ages. In here, we can see the first postage stamp in the world called ‘The Penny Black’; which was made from painting in 1840. This postage stamp has a picture of Queen Victoria’s head.

The museum is open from 09.00-16.00 but for Saturday it’s closed earlier in 13.00, it’s open every day except in Indonesian national holidays. If you wanna come here with a large number of people, you can contact the museum staff first on 4206195 so that they can service us well. 

From what is written in this museum, we know that in a long time ago, the receiver of the letter had to pay the cost for the letter. Yet, this system did no longer exist because one of the receivers refused to pay the cost. (Written by : Ummu I. Sholihah. Corrected by : Ariz Zulfi M.)


Below is the video made by Arij and me, talking about Museum Pos Indonesia Building :



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