Recount text - Example of recount text

Today I was so bored. I woke up at 03.40 a.m. to turn off the alarm on my phone then I went back to sleep. When the time was 08.00 a.m., my friend woke me up and she told me that I have to attend a seminar. Therefore, I went to the bathroom to take a bath.

I was walking together with my friends while complaining that I didn't have any breakfast yet. One of my friend laughed and said, “Maybe we can get some food in the seminar”, but I knew that it was a joke; the seminar wouldn't provide the food.
We arrived at the place where the seminar was held, but it was too crowded. We took a quick little look inside the door and couldn’t find some enough space for us to sit comfortably. Therefore, we decided to go back. One of my friend and I went to canteen to eat some food and others decided to go to market.
After we got some food, my friend and I went to the library to seek some book for our task. We spent our time there until 12.37; I got a nice book to read so I borrowed it.
We went to UC (University Center) to pray Dhuhur and then we sat there, sank in our own business. When the time was 15.30, we went to our evening daily activity and it calls Matriculation program. The day was so tedious.