The Stolen Cake - A good story

One-day in the afternoon, I was waiting for the bus to go home. I bought some cake and a girl’s magazine to chase away the boredom.
I got an empty place to sit. While I was reading seriously, I saw a handsome boy who was sitting beside me took a cake in a small plastic bag between us. I tried to ignore about his act to avoid the disturbance. The minutes passed away and in each time I took a cake, the boy took one cake too. I took the cake, chewed and swallowed the cake, so he was. When the cake was one left, I said to myself, “What will the impolite handsome boy do?” Suddenly, he took the cake and cut it in two pieces, one for me and one for him. I grunted.
          When the bus arrived, the boy took his  bags and entered the bus.
          “How can he do that?” I said to myself angrily.
          The boy smiled to the passage beside his seat. I grunted and said to myself, “oh, what a thief!” The boy went out the bus in the next halt, the same halt as me. He smiled at me and walked happily all the way long. I arrived home, I remembered about the magazine I bought, I opened my bag and how surprised I ’am, the plastic bag with the cakes I bought was there! (Translated into English by Ummu Imro'atus Sholihah)