Picturing Classroom Discourse Analysis (CDA)

We have our own ways in understanding something or make something to be easier to understand.  To understand the CDA, I use multimodal and multisemiotic text to give an easier picture for me. As I know that multimodal and multisemiotic text is a text which its ways to understanding it are through some strategies such as using picture, audio, etc. So, below is my understanding about Classroom Discourse I wrote using multimodal and multisemiotic text.

       A.    Defining Classroom Discourse Analysis (CDA)
1.      What is discourse?
In Merriam Webster dictionary, Discourse means “the use of words to exchange thoughts and ideas” or “a long talk or piece of writing about a subject”
Widdowson (1984: 100) defines discourse as “a communicative process by means of interaction.”
2.      What is Classroom Discourse (CD)?
As what I understand, CD term refers to the language used by teachers and students in the classroom. So classroom discourse is the process of face-to-face classroom teaching.
So for the conclusion, Classroom Discourse Analysis is the study of language in context of Classroom teaching. It means that the study is about the process of what happening in a classroom while a teaching and learning occurs. This study concerning of what are the teachers and students doing in a classroom, what has already been said or knowledge that has already been taught.
Why there is a study about Classroom Discourse? Because it is really important, especially for the teachers to make the students success in understanding education in action.
And as well as another study, there are various approach in doing CDA such as; “Introspective” approach used by Flanders, Educational ethnography used by Mehan and Erickson and Functional approach used by Sinclair and Coulthard.

       B.    Understanding CDA

Below is what I made to understand what the CDA is in an easier way.