Teaching Report

As we got assignment for practice teaching of EYL lower primary in elementary school, my group came to SD GIKI Bandung to do what is asked. We taught 1st grade in here is the report of the meeting.

On the meeting, as we divided our duties. Dewi is the teacher at this moment while Yuni, Sari, Ummu and Arij are the assistants. In this occasion, student will be learning the language focus of “My colorful balloons” At the end of the meeting, students are expected to be able to tell their colorful balloons in English.

Our worries on the first meeting is that “what if the students found the topic of the lesson and the activities to be not interesting?” The meeting started with the introduction of ourselves. Students seems to be interested in us and we did not want to lose this opportunity. We opened the lesson with a warming up of “Tepuk Semangat” in front of the class and followed by the students. Then according to lesson plan, Dewi, as the center teacher, built students’ background by asking the colors of students’ shirt, they have the ability luckily. When it changes to telling colors in English, some of them did not mastered it yet. However, they answered and joined the instruction well. Of course, some of them are already mastered the material would be taught.

After the background knowledge, the learning continued with asking each students colors in English. They did not seem to lose their interest. Their interest became stronger when we stated that the students will be having fun with song and games. This is exactly as what we expected the students to be.
The learning with song started. Students are asked to make a small circle and we will sing the song while playing a game. We sing “four balloons” and the game is; a pen will be offering through the students while they were singing, and when the song stopped, the students who were holding the pen should mention one color in English. All the students enjoyed the game and we satisfied  

In the last minutes of the teaching-learning time, we reviewed students’ understanding of the materials that have been taught. We approached each students to ask colors in English to them. We sang the “four balloons” song twice and ended the session with a pray.