Learning Report

In the forth meeting (Oct 3th, 2017) we, the colors group, were asked to stand in line each group with a chair behind us. Some papers are put 2 meters behind us. One of us have to take a paper every time Ms. Iyen said “go!” and the others have to arrange the papers to became an orderly appropriate article to be read.
My group did it successfully. Then we were asked to discuss what is the strengths and the weaknesses of Bu Puspa’s method in teaching, the teacher in the article.

We found that the ways Bu Puspa taught the students are so boring that it didn’t appropriate the 6th grade’s age of learning. Bu Puspa used Traditional method where students are asked to write, write and write with less media of learning. To be honest, this isn’t a bad method, it always been a successful method. However, it just doesn’t suite how to encourage students’ motivation to learn English. Therefore, our group deigned a method which we think it is more appropriate since we use game and song as the media.

The song we arranged is about daily routine in the morning, using Twinkle2X little stars rhymes and here are the lyrics:

I wake up in the morning

And I go to take a bath

Then I eat my yum breakfast

After that I go to school

That’s all my daily routine

How about you oh my friends?

The game we created is that the students have to arrange some puzzle contain of morning daily routine pictures, after that students have to mention what activity do they got on their puzzles.
From our activities above, I learned that even it looks really simple but it is very important to have a fun learning. Finally, as usual but this is really what I think, I always triggered to have a real EYL class as soon as possible :’