Front of The Class: A truly Inspiring story of a Tourette's Sufferer

Have you watched this movie? I watched it 6 times, and....
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Front of The Class is a movie adopted from a novel with the same tittle written by Brad Cohen. It is re-written as a movie scenario by Tom Rickman, together with Brad Cohen. 

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The movie was released on 7th December 2008 in United State of America (USA) by Hallmark Hall of Fame Production, directed by Peter Werner. It has family drama genres with 1 hour 38 minutes length. Also, it is supported by talented actors and actresses such as James Wolk (Brad Cohen), Patricia Heaton (Ellen Cohen or Brad’s mother), Dominic Scott Kay (young Brad Cohen), Treat William (Norman Cohen or Brad’s father), Johnny Pacar (Jeff or Brad’s young brother), Sarah Drew (Nancy Lazarus), and any other actors.
 Let's give some applause to the scenario writers, Tom Rickman and Brad Cohen in successfully making this movie interesting to watch! Is it interesting? Oh yes! I can tell you again that they did well in presenting a very inspiring story. The story teaches the viewers how to be confident and optimist with what we got, as Brad Cohen does.

This movie tells about Brad Cohen’s life story, who suffers Tourette's syndrome from a very young age. Tourette is a scarce syndrome. It makes the sufferers produce a weird sound that cannot be controlled. Even though it seems hard, Brad Cohen who has Tourette’s syndrome can through his life by believing that his Tourette will not obstruct him to reach what he wants to do.

The story begins when Brad Cohen was a six-years-old boy. He has a separated parent, a step mother, and a younger brother, Jeffrey who love him in their own way. He seems like other children but he has a unique difference from them. He produce a weird sound and cannot stay still. Because of that difference, he becomes object of ridicule by his friends. Even, he is also scolded by his teachers thinking that he is disrupting others’ concentration in studying. Hence, he hates school and always cannot stand waiting for the time when there is no book, there is no studying, and there is no teacher.
In his very young age, Brad Cohen has felt a hard and bitter life. He is dropped out from his school because of his Tourette, also the doctor even give up to help him. However, it does not take him down. He has a mother who always supports and does the best she can do to convince him.

His real life begins when he knows what the purpose of his life. He wants to be an educator even though he knows that he hates reading. He wants to prove that he can teach even though he is Tourette’s syndrome sufferer.  He works hard to make his dream comes true. He graduates from Bradley University with the great score. He starts apply to some schools in Atlanta. He tells about all of himself included his Tourette’s syndrome in every interview he has. There are about 25 schools he attended, but he just get the same answer saying that they doubt his ability to teach and to control the students. However, he never given up and always tries to find a school where he can teach. Eventually, he finds a school that gives him a chance to teach second graders. He does his best in teaching with his own approach. Just in one meeting, he can make the students interest to attend his class without feeling bothered by his weird sound. But in a sort time, he also gets a sad news. One of his students, Amanda, is moved to another class because her parent think that she cannot concentrate in studying, since Brad Cohen has Tourette’s syndrome. Not only that one, Heather, his student who loves him much, passed away because of cancer.

We will get the worth result from what we did. After working hard, Brad Cohen receives a Sallie Mae award as the best teacher of the year from among the new educators in State of Georgia. And also, he got married with a beautiful girl, Nancy in 2006.

It is difficult to find the weaknesses of this movie. It is an interesting movie to watch since Front of The Class movie is covered as real as a life story. It is supported by the actors and actresses starring the movie. Their acting shows that they are the real persons who experience that life. From this movie, we know that there is no one is perfect. Everyone has his/her own flaws. However, do not let them lead you down.

Also, it can be a documentary film as a learning media. Personally, reviewer really recommends this movie to whomever, especially to motivators, teachers, and students because it gives us many useful lessons. However, parental guide is needed.

Writer: Fitria Sari

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