Short Resume of Articles and Journals Issuing Teacher Talk

In this post, I will provide my resume on my reading of these articles and journals talking about Teacher Talk in English classrooms. To see or to download the full text of the articles and the journals, click the title and do what the web ask you to do.

This article considered about how some Korean college students completed their writing assignment with the teaching approaches used by their teachers when they were studying in United States. For the detail, this article studied about what happened to the students when they were facing a particular response from their professor about their writing.
This study states that what the teachers give as a feedback really influence the students’ involvement in learning to write. When a teacher give a good feedback with clear explanation, students will encourage students to write better, but when a feedback given isn’t clear and full of negative comments, students’ will be afraid to continue write as they lost their confidence.

This study investigated the factors that affect students’ attention to teacher talk in a Nine ESL classroom. And the findings is that the factors are (a) learner’s self-evaluation of their language knowledge, the way teachers provided language information, learners’ role in language episode, peer behaviors and learners’ concern for “face”.
For the further explanation, students will give more attention when they don’t know what is being talked about, when they’re involving in a language episode, when the other students are recognizing their mistakes and when the teacher use an interesting technique to explain something.
But this study needs a deeper observation on understanding those factors above.

This study examine how teacher talk can develop the success of a class. It states that more interactions between teacher and students have a great role in students’ understanding.
This study found that the questions talk is a preferred strategy used by the teacher to develop students’ understanding

The focus of the study is to find out the pedagogical functions of teacher talk in writing sessions. Then, it overs some sessions of Pedagogical features of Writing Teacher Talk (WTT) to teach writing class. The WTT divided into 3 model; (a) focal talk, (b) remedial talk and (c) notional talk. Focal talk is the expressions use by teachers to explain a new knowledge. Remedial talk occurs when teachers correct the mistakes done by the students or to solve the problems. Notional talk is expressions in evaluating students’ writing.
For the result of the study, it found that the portions of the Pedagogical features of WTT can be different depends on the needs and the teachers’ mastery.

This study points to the critical role of teacher talk in shaping student classroom participation patterns. In the other words, this study is to examine how teacher language influence students’ participation in classroom.
Some findings in this study show that what affect students in giving their contribution in classroom are (a) teacher lecturing styles, (b) teachers’ lack of modified input, (c) unfavorable teacher feedback, and (d) teachers’ pedagogical stories. 
For the conclusion of this study, it should be noted for the teacher to aware of their expressions, their talk and what they expect from the students to invite students’ participation in classroom.