Short Descriptive Text about Isyana Sarasvati

Are you a fan of Isyana Sarasvati?
Oh yes I am!
Who is Isyana?
Well…. Let me tell you what I know.

Isyana sarasvati is a well-known singer and a song writer from Indonesia. She was born in Bandung, on 2nd May 1993. She graduated her diploma from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore and got her bachelor degree from Royal College of Music, London. She had become an opera singer in Singapore too. Isyana does classical music and she wrote all of her songs herself.

Isyana once said that she likes playing games and eating food, she love any cooking from Padang, Sop Buntut, Sop Kaki Kambing, and curry. Many people like Isyana Sarasvati, she is kind, beautiful and often made people laugh of her cute acts. I often laugh when watching her performances.

She became really popular as a solo singer when her song titled “Tetap Dalam Jiwa” hit a record in Indonesian Music Charts, the song made her as a nominee of Female Singer of the Year 2015. And to be honest, the song made me know her and became a fan of her.
She love spending her leisure time in playing piano. I love watching her playing piano on YouTube! I never met her in person, so I wish that one day I could come to one of her concerts.

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