My Daily Activities (what time is it?) - Example

source: studybahasainggris

I usually wake up at 3.50 in the morning. Then, I take Shubuh pray.
After Shubuh pray, I clean my room, I prepare books for school, and sometimes I do my homework.
I usually take a bath in the morning at 5.00 or 5.30, I have my breakfast before or after I take a bath.
I go to school at 6.10, the school bell starts ringing at 6.45 AM. Then, we sit in classes.
At 9.45 AM, we take a break. I usually buy snacks in the canteen. After that, we sit in some classes again.
The school end at 12.00 PM.

After school, I join my some extra-curricular club, then I go home at 2.30 PM.
I do my homework after Maghrib and go to bed at 8.00.
That’s all my daily routine.