Short Descriptive Text about Iqbaal Ramadhan

Iqbal Dhiafakhri Ramadhan is a well-known actor in Indonesia. Everyone calls him Iqbal. He started his career as Trapani in a musical play titled Laskar Pelengi. Iqbal was a boy band singer in Coboy Junior. Coboy Junior was a hit in their era.

Iqbal was born in Surabaya on 28 December, 1999. He is the second children of his parents. He has one sister, her name is Fildza Hasnamudia. His father is Herry Hernawan and his mother isRike Dhamayanti. He likes Mie Titi and Coto Makassar.

Iqbal’s name raised after staring as Dilan in ‘Dia adalah Dilanku 1990’. He won the award with his partner Vanessa.

Iqbal graduated from Senior High School of Global Islamic School Condet on 2016, and currently taking his study in Monash University, Australia.