The drama performance was held in Auditorium A, in FPBs building at 01.30 PM Wednesday, December 17th 2014. It showed a story titled “In the shadow of the glen”. The story happened at the last cottage at the head of long glen, the mountain range for in in country Wicklow Ireland, long time ago.

The characters in the story were Daniel Burke (an e elderly family played by Restu), Nora Burke (Dan’s young wife played by R. Talitha), Michael Dara (A youthful shepherd, Nora’s young companion played by Fairuz), a tramp (played by Gogan), Diana Burke (Dan’s young sister played by Puspita), Hans Snoodgrass (Diana’s husband played by Fahmi). The actors played the characters were students of 7th English Language Department of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, 2010. 

In the beginning of the story, a tramp come to Nora’s cottage in a rainy night. The tramp was surprising because Nora were treating her husband’s corpse. After a chit chat, Nora asked the tramp to take care of her husband’s corpse while she went out to find old friend. When Nora left the cottage, Dan revives and reveals to the tramp that he has been faking his death in any order to catch Nora at adultery.

In the middle of the story, the plot showed a flashback that told us the story before Daniel’s mere ruse death. Diana Burke, Dan’s sister and Hans Snoodgrass departed to Dublin for several days.

Dan played dead again when Nora return with a young man, Michael Dara. Michael proposes marriage to Nora, overhearing the proposal, Dan angrily jumped from the bed and kicked Nora out from the cottage. Nora pretended to follow the tramp who promised her freedom.

At the closing of the performance, Dan asked Michael Dara to drink whisk together, whereas Dan poured the poison into Michael’s cap.