Example of (long) Narrative Text

Written by: Ummu Imro'atus Sholihah (a second semester student of English Education Department)
Dust Mote

“`Cause we lost it all, nothing lasts forever
I am sorry I can't be perfect.
Now it's just too late and we can't go back
I'm sorry. I can't be perfect.”

“The same song again.” I said to myself and wriggled my body
        “Hello, good morning.” I jumped down from my small bed, ran outside to the balcony and screamed at Zayn. The sun was shining brightly. This was in the middle of March, so the weather was in the middle of dry climate.
I couldn’t sleep well last night, my mind filled up with Zayn’s sad story. Yeah, Zayn Walker. A living thing called human. I didn’t really care about what or who he is, but actually, human’s body looks same as me, but only in case our body is small and green. I swept out of his story and I thought it anxiously.
“Why a lot of human ran away from their world and came to our world? Is human’s world full with so many problems?”
I didn’t know the beginning when humans are changed their body’s size and came to our world, humans who came to our world told that in the earth, there was a technology made to make people come to the dust mote easily and they found a magic liquid solution to change their size body’s size. They said that they hated living in earth and they wanted to live with us; flies away in the air and lives in peace.
“Hello Zayn? What are you doing?” I screamed out again with loudspeaker.
Zayn came with small magnifier in his hand, it seemed so big for me, and he put it in front on his bright eyes.
“Hello inhabitant of dust mote! Did you have a nice sleep?” He asked me and he was singing followed the song.
“Do you like it?”
“That song, Simple Plan’s song. Right?”
“Yeah. Of course, it is represent my mind.” Zayn smiled.
          I sit in silence and paid attention to Zayn’s activity. He took his big bag, put some book in it and drank his full cream milk.
          “Well, you know what I meant, I’ve told you about it last night. See you after my extracurricular tutorial lesson.”
          “Ow! Ow! Ow!” I shouted out dreadfully.
My body hurtled on air and fell on the ground strictly to at the aster flowers plant in front of my house. At the time, I heard a voice mumbling in a wonder. When I turned my head, I saw a boy with a magnifier in his hand was looking at me surprisingly.
“Ow, Hello!” I waved my hand and I was sure that he felt strange.
“Mm… Rowdy. Nice to meet you” I introduced myself.
“I’m sorry, I can’t hear your voice” He spoke softly.
“My name is Rowdy! What’s your name?” I shouted.
‘Ow, are you an in habitant of mote?”
“Yeah… this is one of the dust mote”
“Really? Oh, that’s a fact. I think the dust mote was just a fantasy of loneliness people. This is my first time to see you straightly. Hum, I mean to see your race.” He spoke in open eyed.
That’s the first time I met Zayn, he was looking at the content of mosquito’s stomach when the Dust Mote I lived fell down on his table. He has beautiful brown eyes and curled eyebrows. Since that time I became friends with Zayn, he put our mote on a small yellow fluffy ball and laid down it beside his vas on his table.

Every step that I take is another mistake to you.
And every second I waste is more than I can take

Zayn turned off the radio.
“I don’t blamed it on Dad. I just want him to know that I tried my best to make him proud of me.” Zayn bowed his head in sadness; a guitar, which his mom gave it to him as a present on his seventeen, was on his lap. I was eating my sandwich, sitting on my chair and rocking my feet.
This afternoon, His father scolded him because he returned home from a city for a concert competition with his band.
“What will you proud of with your inferior dream?”
“Dad, please! I know I can’t be what you want! I can’t be like Sami, your pride son!” A slap landed on Zayn’s cheek.
“I’m ashamed of you; you embarrassed me in front of public!”
“Are you ashamed, Daddy?” Zayn slanted his eyes.
“Yes! And get out of my room right now!”

“Urgh! If these are never happened, I’m sure mom will support my talent in music Do you have solutions, Rowdy?” He complained the separation of his parents.
He already told me everything he had been around him. Everything about his parents, his elder brother who passed away and his life with his father. His parents separated when he was in Elementary School because of fire of jealous, and he separated with his little sister who joined his mother as in the agreement. He takes his position as a son, sometimes he visits his mother and his little sister without his father knowing.  As a son who became his father’s hope, he must prepare himself to be the next president of his father company, his father wanted him to leave his hobby in the music and focus on what his father’s hope.
          “Hey! Do you want to try to come to our world? I asked him without hoped his answer, I’ve been invited him for many times but he refused it.
          “Hum, I think I should try it!”
          Zayn drank the magic liquid solution after wrote a short message to his father. I picked him up with the bamboo propeller to my house.
          “Welcome to the peace dust mote world! Wohooooo!” I shouted and flew revolve in the air happily. Zayn smiled and flew while looking around him.
          I spent my time to go anywhere to amuse Zayn. We visited many places and got crazy there. We visited human’s market where the human can buy anything like in the earth. We visited “Ace Mode”; it is a school with the top education and high cost in Dust Mote.
          “It’s so amazing!” Zayn walked through the rooms. He kept eyes on each classes and wagged his tongue in amazement.
          “How creative you are! This is so amazing for teenager in our age. How can they create these wonderful things? Do their parents didn’t care about what they’ve done?” Zayn asked me anxiously.
          “In Dust Mote, the parents must appreciate to their children’s, what their children want or what their children’s dream; we held on to “We can because we have desire”.” I smiled at him.
          “Is there any trouble?”
          “As far as I knew, nothing trouble in this world. All of populace lived in the good and fair rule”
          “Hey, there is an open free concert there!” We ran to the stage and asked permission to sing a song to the employees.

“Hey Dad look at me!
            Think back and talk to me.
Did I grow up according to plan? And do you think I’m wasting my time doing things I wanna do?
But it hurts when you    disapprove all along.”

The song pitched soft, the audience who interested with Zayn’s voice gave applause for him and Zayn was looked enjoyed it. I invited him to my house and ate some food made by my mom.
“I think I must tell my father the truth, I can’t bear these all again and I felt very happy sometimes ago.” Zayn talked to me when we finished our dinner and went to my bedroom.
“I must tell him that I wanna be a singer while become the president of his company.” Zayn continued his speak.
I smiled to myself. I knew that Zayn could weather his problem.
            The pale sunlight slanted through the curtain, I woke up lately in the morning. Zayn was relaxing in Balcony. This was his fourth day in my home and I didn’t want to ask him to get back his home.
          “Morning Rowdy?”
          “Morning…” I jumped up and sat on the edge of the balcony. The sunlight maybe would be good for my body.
          “I think I heard my dad’s voice called out my name.”
          “So, what will you do?”
          “Maybe I should disappear for one day more.”
“Hum, you know... it’s up to you. I will never ask you to leave my home” Zayn smiled. He gazed at the valley and I knew that he was thinking about what he would do.
At Zayn’s House. His father was sitting on a green soft sofa; he was reading a newspaper but his mind out of focus from the news. Finally, he asked his servant.
“Diana, have you ever seen Zayn for three days lately?”
Diana shook her head, she never seen Zayn for three days lately, the last time she saw him when Zayn entered his room after got scolded from his Father. Mr. Walker sipped his hot chocolate, his eyes rooting around him. He thought again about what he done. Zayn is the only one of his son and he wants the best for Zayn. Actually, he didn’t feel ashamed with what Zayn done, but he worried about Zayn’s future, what he can rely on to become a singer, he knew that that wasn’t an inferior dream, but he didn’t finish to think about what Zayn’s mind.
Mr. Walker was walking on the street, he wanted to take e rest, and he tired of the dense work in his company. His mind was in chaotic situation, Zayn disappeared from home.
“Hallo, are you Zayn’s friend?” Mr. Walker called Zayn’s friend suddenly.
“Yes I’m Mr. Walker.” The voice in distance place replied
“I’m sorry for calling you. I’m Zayn’s father. Do you know where he is?”
Mr. Walker listened quietly; Zayn’s friend told him about Zayn and anything that he didn’t know before.
“Thank you for your information, Revan”

And now I try hard to make it, I just wanna make you proud
I'm never gonna be good enough for you
Can't pretend that I'm alright
And you can't change me
'Cause we lost it all. Nothing lasts forever
I'm sorry. I can't be perfect
Now it's just too late and We can't go back
I'm sorry I can't be perfect
I try not to think about the pain I feel inside
Did you know you used to be my hero?
All the days you spent with me now seem so far away
And it feels like you don't care anymore

The tears fell down on his cheeks, inside him Rowdy, the inhabitant of the Dust Mote, which guided him to the place where Zayn was singing. Mr. Walker turned his body and left the dust mote. He realized that Zayn enjoyed what he wants to do.
          “Morning Dad.” Zayn appeared suddenly and Mr. Walker kept silent completely.
“Dad, I ask your apology for disappeared from home.” Zayn looked straightly to his father.
“I know you can’t accept my dream. However, please listen to me Daddy. I went one of the Dust motes, which was in my bedroom on my table. I spend my time there to have some relax and think about this. I will become a singer, and if you want me to become your successor in your company, I think I can and I will do it too.” Mr. Walker smiled.
“Actually, there is no one in this world who carried out in this respect, but I think he must see what my son will do.” He said to himself. 

(Songs in this short narrative text)
*Simple plan – Perfect   *Simple plan – Perfect  *Simple plan – Perfect   
 *Linkin Park – Numb