Building school institution’s symbol - HIDAYATULLAH

Before I tell you about this symbol, I want to tell you about my school first.

I graduated from an Islamic boarding senior high school which is located in Batakte, West Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. The school is under the protection of Pondok Pesantren Hidayatullah Institute. The school is separated in two locations; the first location is a place for the girls and the other is for the boys.

Now, I will tell you about the school garden.

Long time ago, the school garden which is located in front of the office was not taken care of well. It was not nice to be seen and it is lack of beauty. However, after the changing of the institution leader, he thought that the school garden was one of the thing to be concerned about.

The new leader pursued us to make our school looks beautiful and green. He commanded us to create a comfortable and nice to be seen view in the school. So, my friends and I started to work hard to make a nice to be seen campus. We painted our classes, planted new flowers, and made a small garden to plant vegetables. We also built fences and cement for benches in the garden. We did it happily and we enjoyed the work.

When we were about to build the center icon of the school garden, the new leader, whom we calls Mr. Syaiful, stopped the work and he was thinking while staring the area seriously for a while. Then, he started to draw a line on the ground and put stones in order on it. My friends and I were so curious about what he would do but when he finished putting the stones, we were surprised and amazed cause we realized that we will built our institution’s symbol.
Now, I will tell you about the meaning of the symbol. Here’s the picture of Hidayatullah’s logo. Look at the picture below:
This is made of cement as a table surrounded by some benches made of cement too
It is the symbol of Hidayatullah we made in our school garden, it haven’t finished yet. So, Hidayatullah is an Islamic organization found in 1973 by Abdullah Said and. Pay attention to the green color on the logo. It define the Holy Qur’an, the law and source of Islam. Now look at the five lines in white color. It define Hidayatullah’s foundation in doing the vision and mission. The five lines represent the five surah from the Holy Qur’an. They are QS Al-‘Alaq (1-5), Al-Muzammil (1-10), Al-Mudatstsir (1-10), Al-Kalam and Al-Fatihah. Hidayatullah has many offices and they spread all over the Indonesian islands but the center is in Balikpapan, right in Gunung Tembak.

That’s all from me. If you want to knw more about Hidayatullah, visit