How to be a successful man - Procedure Text

Steps to be a Succesful man 
 Being a successful man is everyone’s hope. So I will tell you some steps to be a success man.

1      1)      First, you must be a disciplined person.

-  You must do something immediately, focus on it and give all of your ability.

2      2)      You must be a wise person, flexible person, creative and innovative person.

3      3)      Have the goals or targets.

4      4)      You must have the motivation, so you will be driven to get your goals or your targets.

5      5)      Have the initiative with the integritation on your work.

6      6)      Have the skills, experiences and quality.

7      7)      You must understand on what you do.

8      8)      And finally, you must responsible on what you do.


   To be a success man is not difficult, everyone can do it. Just focus in your targets and do it as well as you can.