World and Technology

Does the World become a safer place because of technology?

When we are talking about technology some of us will think about the Internet, but we must know that technology is not just about internet. Technology is an applied science; technology is all of the knowledge, equipment and scientist methods to get a practice purpose also the entire infrastructure to prepare the pleasure for man’s life. However, does the world become a safer place because of technology?
            As we know, Technology brings us so many advantages. Our life get easier because of technology, many companies get helps from technology; they can decrease the payment for the employer by using technology machines. Technology helps us shorting the distance; time, place and condition, we can fly in the air and reach a place in a short time by the airplanes,  ships, trains, cars, etc. and lightning us in the night with the electrical lamp. Technology can safeguard all data we have worked with their excellent security system, and we can get a lot of information easier by using internet.
            Besides, technologies also have some disadvantages. By using technology machines, the number of unemployment and the poverty will be increased. In addition, as an effect of that condition, violence will be turned up in a high number. Of course, as what I mentioned before, technology helps us in shorting the distance by riding a car, flying in an airplane, having a trip in a train and sailing in a ship, but don’t you see that there was so many accident happened? The fallen airplanes, the trains’ accident, the cars collision. It proved that the world doesn’t become a safer place because of technology
            One of the output of technology is internet. Internet helps us sending messages to a friend in another city, islands and countries out of we have to meet him/her. However, the impact of internet makes us missing a lot of the “face-to-face” interaction and we don’t know what happened in the real life. Maybe, Internet helps us to get a lot information easier, but we can’t avoiding and sorting out the bad information such as some of pornographies and porno-actions that inappropriate for the children and it gives a bad impact to the students in doing their tasks when they thinks that internet has everything.
            So, from what written above we know that technology is a big help and a big problem. The world doesn’t become a safer either a harm place by using technology and I think it’s all about how aware we are of our actions  in using internet; it is the way we use the technologies. 

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