Descriptive Text about Raisa Andriana

Raisa in Hijab

Do you know Raisa? Yes, Raisa Adriana. She is a famous solo singer from Indonesia and one of my favorite idols. She has beautiful voice and also beautiful face. She is tall and has a nice body. She has bright skin and long-straight black hair. She also has a pointed nose and big eyes.

Raisa's father is Allan N. Rachman and her mother is Ria Marianty. She graduated from Universitas Bina Nusantara. Raisa is married to Hamish Daud. Their first child is a girl, her name is Zalina Raine Wyllie.

Raisa likes coffee, chocolate, Soto Ayam, aromatherapy candle. She likes to wear clothes with basic colors like black, white and grey.