One Step Closer to Alor Island(s)


Tulisan ini, ada versi Bahasa Indonesia, klik 👉 (Selangkah Lebih Dekat dengan Pulau Alor). Ini versi Bahasa Inggrisnya ya... :)

Have you heard about Alor island(s)?
Have you travelled there?

If you have never heard about Alor island(s), then congratulations because I am here to tell you ONLY A LITTLE part from the beautiful and unique Alor island(s).

Alor Island is an island among the islands of Alor district that is part of the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Alor itself is known as the City of Kenari because there are many Kenari trees there.

Kenari tree? What is that? Isn't that the name of bird? No, it is not.
Kenari tree has fruits which looks like walnut. This fruits are commonly eaten by locals with their traditional food called jagung titik; a typical NTT traditional food . The corn which is fried in a clay pot, and then smashed with a flat stone (comment below if you are curious about this, and I will write about that in another post later).
Many of my non NTT friends don't know about this fruit and often do not believe me when I say that this fruit is exist. :'D
So, here I provide you the picture of Kenari fruits.

Kenari Fruits

Kenari fruits is ready to be eaten

I don't know if this is true or not. But I never found Kenari tree outside of NTT province. lol. It is unique, right?

Another side of Alor island(s) that I found unique, is one of their cultures when it comes to marriage. So, a culture exists in Alor is that when a man is going to marry his lover, he have to give the thing called 'moko'. Moko is the local name for Nekara which is a scarce things. For Indonesian, if you still remember our Social Science lesson in Elementary School and Middle school, it is written in our book that Alor island is the place where Nekara can be found easily. Above is the picture of a Nekara in Alor island(s). 

Let us move to the main purpose of mine in writing this post to you. :v

What I experienced when I introduced my self to someone is always the little excited-screaming of
"Do you come from Alor island? Wow! I heard that it has beautiful beaches! Is that true?" etc.

This is for sure is truthfully true. Have you noticed the s in the brackets I put after island? Yeah. It is as I wrote before, because Alor is shaped Archipelago. Alor has another three islands beside it. And by this geographical condition, Alor is known by travelers with  beautiful beaches. I admit that the beaches there are beautiful. They are clean, amazing, natural, and suitable as places to snorkel. Congratulation again if you like to snorkel beacuase you read this and now you found another beautiful destinations to do snorkeling. 
Of course there are many destination to be visited in Alor besides the beacehes such as: Museum 1000 Moko where you could see the Nekara, Desa Adat Takpala, Air PanasTuti Adagae, Ilawe Waterfall, and others. But this time, I'm going to discuss about some beaches with the scenery that I am sre will make you, the readers, chuckle in awe. lol. OK, let's start! and...... here are some of the famous beaches on Alor island(s):

1. Deere beach

Can you see the beautifeul scenery here in the photo below? You could see the beach that looks like it has no barriers. 

Deere beach

2. Mali beach

People say: "Come here if you are a sunrise lover!"
Why? Just look at the picture below taken by Marischka Prudence

Mali beach

Mali beach

3. Batu Putih & Ling Al beach

White sand, blue sky, clear water, and green scenery here will make you won't go home. :D
I've never been there, but looking at these pictures from Kitamuda, has made me feel like I'm sleeping around while enjoying the breeze of the wind there.

Looking at glance, you probably will say that these pictures taken in the same place. However, it is not. Please notice the differences :)

Batu Putih beach

Ling Al beach

4. Pigewa Beach

Here it comes... The twin of Mbawana beach in Sumba Island...

Pigewa beach
source: Instagram @zoomalor
Well, Once again, I myself as a person from Alor, actually had never visited the exotic beaches above, because since my childhood, I rarely stay there. But when I had vacations, I was happy enough to play and having fun on the beach that is behind my house (Wolwal Tengah Village). Yes, I am a 'beach girl' who cannot swim. lol. Well, here I show the pictures of the beach located near my house. (Oh yeah, excuse the picture quality which is is a bit blurry.I took all photos below using android Lenovo A369i)

Having fun

Enjoying sunset

My brother is thinking about 'I don't know whatever it is'

That's all my writing about Alor. If you wanto to visit Alor island(s), please kindly contact instagram account @zoomalor. :)