A Sweet Love in Despicable Me (2010)

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Do you like Animated movie? I love them! Especially when the animation is terrifically satisfying.
Well, animated movies have a lot of fans. Even adults love animated movies. And since animated movies are now using 3D or Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) format that make them more real, many commentators also pay special attention to the world of animated movies. 
One of the CGI animated movies is “Despicable Me” movie which is directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud with a story by Sergio Pablos. 
Oh yeah.... I think you guys know the movie, so you end up here to read some opinion about it, maybe. However, not everyone knows about this movie, at least.... that's what I know from what I've observed from people around me. But, they definitely said "Oh yeah... I know them" when I showed the picture of these unique and funny characters in this movie.

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Yup! The minions!
This movie is released on July 9th, 2010 in the United States. The movie was a popular at the box office globally. I think it made a big profit for Illumination Entertainment, Passion Pictures and Universal Studio Paris, since I read that it made the amount of 543.1 million US $ when the budget is only 69 million dollars. [1]  

What do you notice the most when watching Despicable Me?

For me... There many things I have given my attention to. The characters, the tools invented by Gru and the other scientist characters. All of these things make its 1 hour and 35 minutes duration feels like just 30 minutes or sometimes it could be shorter. But what I notice the most is the language use by Minions. I even paused the movie several times to make sure what I've heard.

What's it with the language of the minions?
OK, don't judge me. I gave my attention to it because some of the words made by the minions sound familiar for me. Oh, and I was right. Despicable Me filled with the sound of four languages ​​from Italy, Spain, UK, and Indonesia. So, what I mean by familiar sound here is Indonesian language, because yeah, I am Indonesian. Yass!

What about the characters?
Uh yeah! The characters in this movie has succeeded in grabbing the viewer’s attention, well, me. 
Let's appreciate the directors who have successfully created the credible characters like Gru (played by Steve Carell). Gru is a remarkable person but pretending to be wicked. Another memorable characters are Margo, Edith and Agnes the open-hearted ang smart girls and.... the ones I mentioned before, the minions (supervillain) . The bad characters are named Perkins and Vector..

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I love this movie, the plots are interesting, and the animation is real. I laugh a lot while watching this movie, look at how funny the minions are! In addition, the movie taught me that cooperation is awesome, it can be seen from the side of the minions who were very good in working together. I learned about love too, yeah.. I think it's all the point of this movie, the love of the three adopted children and Gru. 

Here's a short synopsis:
The film starts with the problem of a stolen Egyptian Pyramid which was only discovered when a child who felt onto the pyramid suffered no injuries and surprisingly the pyramid changed into an inflatable pyramid. Then, the film continues with the story of Gru who wants to compete with the Pyramid thief by stealing the moon. OK, just watch it if you haven't watched it.

Gru's airplane
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Technically, this movie is super. The graphics and animations are of high quality, all of the characters and objects are very detail. We could say that the designers and animators, Chris Renaud worked hard. Gru's vehicle, which he used to land and as the plane, is one of the most remarkable objects in the movie. They make 'Despicable Me', a perfect example of a 3D computer animated comedy movie for family!

There are several soundtrack songs which makes the movie interesting exciting. One of them with the same title as the title of this movie 'Despicable Me' written by Pharrell Williams, it released on July 6th, 2010[2]. 

Overall, I would highly recommend Despicable Me for all people especially if you are a big fan of animation comedy movies. I give it 4/5 stars :)


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