Short Descriptive Text About Ria Ricis.

Ria Ricis is a name of a YouTuber from Indonesia. She has a real name it is Ria Yunita. Everyone calls her Ricis. Ricis is a content creator in YouTube, she has more than 10 million subscribers now and she is a first women in Southeast Asia who got Diamond Play Button from YouTube.  

Ricis was born in 1995, she has two sisters, and they are Oki Setiana Dewi and Shundy Kurnia Pitri Sastromardjo. Ria Rics is well-known by her videos in unboxing squishy and also her cheerful opening in YouTube videos which is: “Assalamu’alaikum! Teman-teman…” 

Ricis bought a beautiful house with the money she got from YouTube and other trade business she has. She has a big pool in the house and a trampoline. Ricis prepared a room for Maryam her niece because she love her so much. Ricis also has a room full of squishy and many action figures.

Ricis has a beautiful face and lovely smile. She is 165 cm tall and Ricis loves pink, she has a pinky bedroom and a lot of pink stuffs. Many people love Ricis because she is funny and cheerful.

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