5 general types of the students in my major - English Education

A question was asked to me. What are the general types of the students in your major?

Well, I am no longer a university student to answer this but I have some arguments about that.

So, I took English Education and I wasn't a really good wide-socialized students. I mean, I do know all my friends' names. I have about 80 friends who attended this major in my year. I interacted with them, I know their names, they know my name, but I didn't hangout with all of them, not with them who didn't attend a same class as me, as you know college students can take random can take different classes match to their own schedule.

As I said that I wasn't a wide-socialized students, I say these types are based on what I saw and what I experienced.

First, my major in the university I attended, usually have lots of girls than boys. My smallest class consisted of 17 girls and 4 boys.

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Second, many of my friends attended the major because they did not know what to take and most of us ended up loving it. This is what I saw from my classmates in English for Young Learners courses.

Third, even though we took education background and generally we were taught to be a teacher, we didn't wear formal dress. We wore formal dress only when we have to attend classes requiring us to dress properly as a formal teacher should wear according to the Indonesian general standard, and most of the time it was BELAJAR DAN PEMBELAJARAN BAHASA INGGRIS classes. Most of the students in my major, dressed up according to their own comfort levels, some of them follow the current trend. Also, some students dyed their hairs.
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Fourth, I don't know whether this is right or wrong but as I've seen, students in my major make a small circle of friends at the beginning of the years and then gradually mixing up as time goes by. Many students even got closer in their end semesters.

Fifth, even though we (English Department students) are majoring English department, that does not necessarily mean that we are fluent in English, well of course some of us are a great English speakers and writers, but the other are often get nervous and are diffident in using English. Same goes with this post, so I apologize for any grammar mistakes and any typos you found in the previous paragraph and the mistakes you will find in the paragraphs below. πŸ˜‚
We use English in classes taught by English lecturers, but not in non-English lecturers classes.
For your information, English Education Department major in the university I attended, belongs to the English Language Education Study Program, because they also have non-educational English program which is called English and English Literature major. And the Department of English Education is the part of Faculty of Language and Literatures education which means Fakultas Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra in Bahasa Indonesia. It is different from the English Department in most universities in Indonesia which English Departments are part of Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan.    

I think that's all for now. I will add more information on the same topic once I had it, in another post. Thanks for stopping by!😊