Report text - A weird Party Ever

Daily Smut Reporter, Anne Lyn.       

            Monday, April 14th 2015. Maxwell Star, the owner of Scoop newspaper threw a party to celebrate his first newspaper launch. Some rich and famous people attended the party included many reporters like me.

            “This is my party to celebrate my first newspaper launch. Hope you enjoy this party.” Said Maxwell Star when he was welcoming the guests.

            Annette Astro, a famous film star attended the party accompanied by her third husband, Angelo Astro. Some of rumors spread in the party. A rumor said that Annette Astro was planning to divorce Angelo, and she had a fourth husband in mind. Other rumor said that Alec Mitchell, the owner of London Fashion Company named “Mitchell and Co” involved with drugs and he had an eye to Patricia Cook, his official employee’s wife, Philip Cook. Moreover, a new rumor spread in the party too that there was a secret agent man named Guy Maclean who was working undercover as a staff in the ministry of defense and he has been selling the country’s secret to Russia. The people in the party kept asking about the truth of the rumor, and this was my duty to find out the truth about the rumors.

            “I’m sorry, I haven’t heard about that. Alec Mitchell is a nice husband for me. It was not an affair. My husband tried to help Patricia Cook from her loneliness, Philip Cook is the one who has an affair with Annette Astro. Drugs? I have heard about that. I know that my husband sold drugs to Angelo, but Angelo refused it”. Barbara Mitchell, Alec Mitchell’s wife gave her argument about his husband’s rumor.

            “I have heard about that. You know, I am a successful businessperson for his company, but I don’t really like him. I heard that he has been involved in a lot of shady and drug deals recently. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took a lot of money’s firm with him, and he wants to go to South America before the police catches him. I have heard too that Alec Mitchell had an eye to my wife. Hm… I don’t want to talk about this too far. I have to find the truth about it. When it is a truth, I will divorce Patricia.” Said Philip Cook when he was asked about Alec’s involvement with drugs.

            Patricia didn’t say anything and she ignored this rumor. Upon receiving the rumor about her, Annette Astro was seemed to avoid talking about herself. She enjoyed the party and talked with the people in the party.  

            Furthermore, in the end of the party, the truth of Annette’s affair and Mitchell’s involved with drugs was revealed. I met Annette when she was talking to Philip Cook in the other side of the party, I introduced myself as a guest named Anne Lyn without mentioning my work as a reporter, because I knew that they were avoiding the reporters. I spoke with them, either Annette and Philip confirmed it, Philip was the fourth husband in mind of Annette Astro and they would get marry, Annette wanted to divorce Angelo even though Angelo won’t divorced by her. In the other part, Barbara turned out to be a liar, she covered his husband’s mistakes to help him keep Alec’s image, and she was the one who spread the rumor about Guy Maclean. However, Philip Cook as Alec’s partner in his business revealed the truth of Alec.

            This party was the weirdest party ever, the guests came to attend the party and they were talking about the other’s rumor, everyone told a new rumor that made the party became even weirder, and everybody had a suspicion to one another. However, it was very important for my news report this week.

By: Ummu Imro'atus Sholihah (English Education Department of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, 2014)