Recount text - Sunday's bad treat

 Written by: Ummu Imro'atus Sholihah

That Sunday as usual, all the boarding school’s yard filled with the line of luxury cars. Many parents came to see their daughters, who have been living in the boarding school. I viewed down from my bedroom’s square window on second floor lazily.
It was 11:00 a.m. but the sun was shining brightly, some children flew around between the cars happily, and some family sat together on the lush Japan grass. I turned my head and staring at one family, which was taking pictures beside the beautiful green stilling basin conveniently; it is a basin, which impounded the second’s water from the watercourse of the bathroom. However, it is beautiful because our gardener planted some beautiful flower and organized it as pretty as they can.
            “Avril, did you get your breakfast today?” Lydia asked me, she is the one of the prettiest girls in my bedroom. She has a good appearance with her Asian skin, she has a way with everyone and easy to making friendship.
            “No, I didn’t. What the side dish this morning?”
            “It’s urap-urap, why you didn’t? Are you okay?” She climbed my teak divan and sat on my thick bed.
            “No, I just didn’t fell hungry.”
            “Ok, I hope like that. I will take my permission to go out until evening today. Do you want me to buy you brownies?” She went down and spruced up her veil.
            “Thank you, but I didn’t live in hope.”
“Ok, don’t worry I will make sure I bring it for you. Assalamu’alaikum.”
            I went down from my bed and opened my brown cupboard; there were some snacks, which my mom sent it from my home.
            “Uh, I miss merunggai vegetable.” I whizzed hardly and ate my snacks lazily.
It was 3 years since I left my home and went to this boarding school, and the most food I missed is merunggai vegetable, it is vegetable with salty sauce, which tasted very nice in my tongue. Its small-soft leaves after had been cooked felt fit and very good. I just imagined about my mom’s cooking when Lena entered our bedroom and laughed at me. Lena is one of my roommate; she is a beautiful girl, she got flush cheeks and her eyes like a Balian dancer.
            “Are you dreaming again?” She opened her brown cupboard with small slit and it was looked like she was hiding something.
            “Hey, let’s go out and have some snack in the cafeteria!” She invited me suddenly.
            “Well, actually I’m a little bored being in this room.” I shook my head and smiled at her.
            “Didn’t you have two new pencil cases yesterday?” I bent my eyebrows when Lena were picking two cute pencil cases in her hands and rocking them.
“I just want to have more. Hey, choose one ice cream! Choose the most expensive one! Don’t worry; I will pay it for you.”                                                    She hummed happily and looking for another goods in the canteen.
“No, thanks but I will choose this one.” I took my favorite ice cream; it was a chocolate milk ice cream, which spread over with the sowing peas.
“Oh! No! No! No!” She pulled the ice cream in my hand and took the clown ice cream; it was the expensive one in that canteen.

            “Let’s buy one again.” She got on her feet and pulled my hand.
            “What? Are you sure? It will be the fourth clown ice cream for you!”  I glared at her.
            “Yeah, don’t worry; I will pay it again for you.”
            “No, thanks.”
            “Are you sure?”
            “Fine, wait for me here. Ok?” I shook my head.
I was writing on my small notebook when my watch rang, it was 12:00 a.m. After some minutes, Adzan voice heard from the mosque, which located in the middle of our schoolyard, the voice was very soft and I felt peace. Outside, the noisy already decreased.
“Lena? Is it you?” I asked when the door of the room shifted in.
“Hey, Avril what are you doing here alone?” Eva asked me and she looked shocked.
            “Hum, I’m waiting for Lena. What will-?”
            “Lena?” I did not yet finished my word when Eva and her friends screamed out the name and shocked glare.
            “Yeah…” I shook my head slowly and looking at them at loose end.
            “What are you doing with her?”
            “Why? What happened? Is there something wrong?” I became afraid.
            “Just tell me and I will explain to you if it probably will be her.”
            “No, I must hear the reason why you asking me, because I don’t-.”
            “Ok, this is still in all like hood. I lost my wallet yesterday; there was about 332.000 rupiah in that wallet. And as far as we knew, it probably will be Lena who took my wallet.” Eva explained to me.
            “How could it be her?” I asked her.
            “Because there was some of our friends saw her, she touched my bag!”
            “Hum, okay. I will tell to you. Actually, I was confused of her weird acts today, and I knew that she does not have money for two weeks lately. However, Today’s morning she asked me to join her to the cafeteria and she treated me for the foods. When I asked, ‘I do not know that you have money, when did you accept it?’ She looked shocked and she answered, “My parents just gave it to me, they came this morning.”
            “When did her parents come?” Eva asked me on confusion.
            “I don’t know, because I was in my bedroom the whole morning.”
            “Dinda, didn’t Lena was with you since the Shubuh pray until the breakfast?”
            “Yeah, I was with her until we finished our breakfast and we separated in front of her bedroom.”
            “Oh, I see. She was holding her plate when she entered our bedroom and then she opened her cupboard before asked me to go to cafeteria with her.” Suddenly I felt like a poor-woman.
            “Clear!” Eva picked her fingers.

I cannot sleep well in the night after and thought about the happening continuously.
“Is it true? If it will be true, so I ate the foods from forbidden money.” I said inward.
The case was spreading very fast in the boarding. Lena and I became far. We already knew that Lena is a kleptomaniac, so my roommate and I tried to help her; we tried to make her wising up her mistakes.
After several days, Lena made a confession to Eva; she returned the money and asked for Eva’s pardon because she just returned Rp.132.000 for the Rp.332.000 she took.


1)      We may not take other’s money without permission.

2)      We may not run away from someone who had a bad habit, but we must guide them to the right way or we must open their eyes about their mistake.