Bullying - Why a person do bully?

Have you experienced being bullied? Or did you do bully someone once?

As we know, bullying is the use of force or threat to abuse, intimidate, or discriminate someone, it is a threat uttered to scare someone else. Typically, bullying happens as a problem in many schools, workplaces, playgrounds, etc. There are many reasons why do people bully. Someone might bully someone else because of wanting to show their existence, doing it for fun, doing it to cover their lack or they want take revenge.
            Doing bullying for fun and cultural causes, known as the major causes of bullying worldwide. Recently, young people think that bullying is an ordinary way to amuse themselves even it happens among their friends. Many of them think that bullying is an acceptable way to get what they want. Nevertheless, we have to know that a joke isn’t something funny if the person whom being objected doesn’t think it is a funny thing, right?
            Another reason of bullying as mentioned above is to show his or her existence, so that people will think that he or she is a strong person. Someone bullies a person because he or she thinks that he or she have power to do so. Some research indicates that having power might make a person use it to intimidate others weaker than him or her.
            Having a low self-esteem also counts as the factors of bullying. When someone feels that he or she is not worthy enough of something, he or she will find a way to make themselves feel better about themselves. One of the way is to bully someone he or she thinks that the person weaker than him or her.
            Personal history also contributes as the factors. For example, someone has been bullied by his/her family or even his/her peers. Then, he or she have been teased to a point where they feel insignificant which makes his or her so angry that he/she have to take it out on someone else.
            Unless it has been known that bullying is a bad ac, it still happens until now, as human it-self is the factors that sometimes cannot be controlled.


Picture source: conwayhighinkling.com