Tolerance - Is Indonesia a tolerant country?


Do you know what tolerance is? Have you ever experienced it? So actually, this is my comment about an article titled "International Tolerance Day: Unlearning helplessness", by Jennie M. Xue, posted in The Jakarta Post. To read the article, go to the link follows:


International tolerance: Indonesia is a tolerance country.
            Based on Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, tolerance is an acceptable deviation. It is a characteristic or act that we respect the other. In my opinion, tolerance is we can accept some different things, we respect it but we have to think it logically.
            In a general point of view, Indonesia is a tolerance country. We can see it on Indonesian’s rules, norms, and customs. As stated in the second point of Pancasila; “Kemanusiaan yang Adil dan Beradab”, Indonesia is respect the differences because Indonesia has so many different culture. We can see it also when an Indonesian people are talking with a foreigner coming to this country especially some western tourists. When want to go abroad, I’m pretty we prepared our skill on the language used in the country we wanted to go to. However, why the Indonesia people have to talk to them in English? Why don’t those western people talk in Bahasa Indonesia? They came to this country in their own business, so of course they have to learn and speak in Bahasa Indonesia when they are here. Isn’t it a tolerant act? So In my opinion, Indonesia is a tolerant country.
            There are some religion in this country which each of the religion has its own holy days. And see, there are so many holy days which belong to each religion in this country. So once again, I say that Indonesia is a tolerant country.
            What about the argument in the article above which states that “For instance, in Indonesia, many tourist attractions discriminate foreigners from locals, like at Kebon Raya Bogor and Tangkuban Perahu. The ticket price for a foreigner is higher than for a local. This may look quite harmless, but it is a clear sign of discrimination.” (to see the statement, go to

In the article, it is stated that differences in ticket price for foreigners which is higher than for locals are a clear sign of discrimination that Indonesia is being intolerant to the foreigners. Here, I just want to say that I don’t think that it is an intolerance act. Why? It is proper I think, because Indonesian Rupiah is lower than the foreigner’s currency. So, the higher price for foreigners can be a good income for this country. 
However, maybe it should be clear which country the foreigners are from, since there are another countries with lower currency than Indonesian Rupiah.