What is a good writing in Academic Writing (Argumentative Text)

            In my opinion, what calls a good writing is when a writer explains idea of the writing s/he wrote clearly, then s/he knows what should be in his/her writing. I had read about a text says that most academic writing is argumentative in some ways. I agree with this statement because when we write, it means that we share our idea and we try to explain our idea --so that it can be acceptable by the readers, which shows that it is argumentative.

            Writing arguments does not mean we just put what we had in our mind into a text. When we write an argument or statement, we have to explain our position in a comfort perspective so the readers can accept and understand why our statement is important appropriate. Imagine when you have believed in a statement about something, but then you read a text that tells another statement which does not have any explanations and evidences and it seems inappropriate? I am sure that you will ask the writer’s ethics in putting the explanation and giving the proof of what the writer wrote.
            I also believe that a good writing contains a good introduction, so the reader can understand what will be discussed in the text. When you do not know what will be discussed, of course you will get confused. Besides introduction, a good writing must have a good explanation and evidence if it is needed. When there is no explanation and evidence about what we wrote, it is difficult to be acceptable by the readers because the readers have no reason to change their mind or even believe in it.