OBSERVATION REPORT On 6th grade In GIKI elementary school


This observation was conducted on February, 7th 2017 in when the teacher were explaining material about Math. The amount of students is about 20 students and the students were sitting in pairs. Here the report of the observation:
Students’ attitude
Based on the observation, it can be said that the students have a good relationship. It approved when the teacher is done explaining the material, the students confidently ask about part they do not understand yet. Moreover, some of the students willingly explain the material to the students who do not understand yet.
Students in understanding and doing teacher’s instruction
The instruction given by the teacher is not clear enough because there are students who come forward to ask what they have to do. However, even there are a lot of students who do not understand yet; the other students are helping another student. In addition, we think that the instruction given by teacher is also not good enough, because at that time so many students have to buy new ruler to do the activity. It approved that the teacher did not say about the next activity in the last meeting.
Students’ on their sits
When the material delivered and the students sit on their chair, students tend to busy with another things and talking with the other students. Some of them didn’t pay attention when the teacher was explaining the materials and just talking with their pairs.
Students’ ability in using language
Since the observation was done when they were learning Math so we observed the language used in the class not their English language skills in classroom context. Yet, in general they were using ethnic language despite of Indonesian language which is Sundanese. When we asked this to the teacher, he said it will help students to feel closer with the teacher and easier to understand the materials.
Students’ talk in a class
The outcomes shows that almost of this point are the same as students’ ability in using language. Since, basically the students use ethnic language (Sundanese) more often than Indonesia language.
Students’ interest that can be applied in learning process
At this point, there is no relation between what students have interest in with the material that being learnt. However, the teacher still uses the relation between students’ daily lives with the material that being taught.