How I Overcome the Laziness

“I will do it later…”  
 “I just can’t!”

I used to say that words a lot in many assignments and tasks in college or sometimes I had those days when all I know is “I just can’t”. What happens after that? Yes, I was always been the one in the rush when it comes to the deadline. People call it laziness, which according to Cambridge School Dictionary, it is the time where you do not want to working or using any effort.
I thought about it sometimes and regretted that I was being too lazy to do tasks a little by little so that I can finish them before the deadline. Sometimes, I got so enthusiast that I decided to do all the tasks which deadline will be in the next month or even in the next 2 months. But then halfway through, I got tired and bored so I decided to save the rest for another days. I push myself to change this bad habit and it works. But then, the laziness keep coming  and then it will become an infinity routine
I realize that this laziness leads me to the lacks of good productivity. Some failure of making a good performance usually make me start to push change myself. In those days where I found myself a very productive person, I started to have in mind that I can be a really high productive person by keep in mind that - first; When I get lazy, I have to check whether it is a laziness or I am just being so stressed, so I can treat myself in a correct way. If I am being stressed, I will look for any stuff that can decrease it but if I am being lazy, then I will do the next steps below. 
The second step I do to stop being lazy is asking myself what I usually do that makes me spent times in laziness. I found that I usually busy in wasting the whole time by playing on my phone so I will turn off my phone or even put it away from me in another room so my focus will be fully on work without getting interrupted by catching an eye on my phone.
The next step  is whenever I gets lazy, I will push myself to start doing from just a very small step forward every few times, then appreciate every new single step I made by giving reward to myself every time I finished a job for example by buying an expensive ice-cream. This is to make me feel like I am enjoying my leisure time by taking some rest and doing fun, but I am not wasting it from some important matters.
The fourth step is I will be searching for some friends who are having a great enthusiast and motivation to spend time in working together, so we can keep each other’s spirit stable.
The last thing is I will change my life-style; my sleeping time, food and exercise time, since I believe that laziness can come from an unhealthy life-style. Yoon (2015) said that “When you work for at least 10 hours every day, including weekends, without eating well or exercising, it’s a surefire recipe for burnout”, which will be leading to the laziness.
All those steps I have been done when I get lazy or when I am in my productivity time. It is usually hard to keep it up in the way we expect but let’s try it again and again to raise our productivity!

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