Story Analyzing: "The tiger who came to tea"

Analyze a Children’s story about “The tiger who came to tea” 

Written by: Ratu Aisyah Fajarinaya
(A 2014 year Student of English Education Department of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia) 

The title of the book is “The Tiger who came to tea”. The author of the book is Judith Kerr, and first printed in 2006. There are two pages, and the type of the novel is picture book or short children’s story. Picture Book is a book in which the illustrations are as important as (or even more important than) the words in telling the story. Picture books are generally 32 pages long, although little golden books are 24 pages. In picture books, there are illustrations on every page or on one of every pair facing pages. While most picture books are written for younger children, in recent years, a number of excellent picture books for upper elementary and middle school readers have been published or a book consisting mainly or entirely of pictures, especially one for children who have not yet learned to read. The novel tells us about a tiger who felt hungry and he went to a house to tea, there lived a girl with her mummy and their house was really full of foods and drinks, but when the tiger came all foods and drinks are went out.

There was a tiger that came to tea, he went to a house that lived a girl with her mummy. Her named was Sophie. Arrived there, he ate all the kinds of food and drink. He sat down at the table and ate some foods and drinks that Sophie and her mummy’s serve to him. He looked around the kitchen, to see what else he could find. Until he came to bathroom, he drank all the water in water tap. Also he ate all suppers in the saucepans. Then, Sophie’s daddy came home, he knew what to do. Finally, they went to a café and had a lovely supper with sausages and chips and ice cream. In the morning, they went shopping and bought some foods and drinks also tiger’s food. In case the tiger should come to tea again. But, he never did. Actually the novel sets in past time and the place it sets is in Sophie’s house. The main character in this novel is Sophie and her mummy and the minor character is Tiger. It has a fast placed story, and first person singular is the narrator. It used casual daily language that suitable for children. The coda of the novel is gives they who need your help and you will get more.  

I really enjoy the style of the language, it has simple words and can be understood. I like all parts of the novel, but it’s too fast. The plot also made me kept interested. I think for the tiger is unbelievable, because what I knew the tiger is a wild animal and they are carnivore. Also Sophie and her mummy, if I were them I would run fast before thinking twice. If there’s a wild animal came to my home. The coda tough me something about life, that I must help people who need me. Without thinking my condition, because I believe if we help people we will receive more helps whenever and wherever we are. Because it was a Children’s story, I think it’s suitable for all ages. And actually I will recommend it to everyone, also my cousins.