Let's Fight Laziness!

Written by: Reni Anggraini

What is laziness? According to Kathleen Grace (2015) laziness is usually meaning unwilling to work, it also means slow-moving, does not like working or using any effort. It is most often used to judge and insult someone who isn't being productive. For me, laziness means when I don’t want to do something that I must do such as doing an assignment, sweeping my room, and so on. I think the reason that I’m being lazy is because I’m tired or because I think that I still have many time to do it, such as when I have an assignment and the deadline is in a week, then I will do the assignment on the last day to the deadline.  

Well, sometimes when I don’t want to do something because I’m tired, but then I ask myself whether I’m really tired or just being lazy. It is because laziness is close to the tired.  According to Kathleen Grace (2015) ‘’If you are tired, you can postpone doing work. If you are lazy, you never want to do it’’. 

Actually, I think I’m a lazy person but I am also productive in another side. I usually retype the materials in my laptop and rewrite what I have learned in the paper and put it on the wall. So, I can read it again whenever without having to open the book again. It also useful for my friends when they come to my room they can read it too. 

As a student in a university, laziness is not good for me. So, the thing that I do when I’m lazy to do my assignment is comparing myself to my friend. When my friends are doing the assignment, it is motivating me to do my assignment too. Unless, I ask my friend to do the assignment together with me, because my learning style is study in group, two heads are better than one. Here is how to stop being lazy according to Patrick Foster (2017): Understand what lies behind the lazy, learn to know yourself better, reward yourself, dump the excuses, and work with others.


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