Descriptive Text about Prophet Muhammad


We know him as Muhammad. His full name is Muhammad bin Abdullah. Muhammas was born in Mecca on 570 Masehi, it is known as Year of The Elephant. His father’s name is Abdullah bin Abdul Muthalib and his mother is Aminah binti Wahab.

Muhammad spent his childhood in Bani Sa’ad Village. Prophet Muhammad has many mukjizat. Mukjizat is a miracle. Prophet Muhammad is called Al-Amin. Prophet Muhammad married to Khadijah when he is 25 years old.

Prophet Muhammad is very handsome. He has a beautiful eyes. His hair is black. His height is ideal. Everyone loves to see him.

I love prophet Muhammad shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam. Prophet Muhammad died when he is 63 years old in Madina, on 632 M. In Islamic calendar, it is 13 Rabiul Awwal on 11 Hijriyyah.
I wish I could meet him in Jannah. Aamin.