A note during the 11 weeks of Covid-19 self-quarantine


Hello everyone!
I will apologize first for any grammar mistakes or mistyped words you will find in this post.  I typed this as it flew out of my mind. :")
So, it's been sooo looooong since the Indonesian government made the announcement for Indonesian citizen to do quarantine by staying at home to prevent the outbreak of the New Corona Virus 19. Self-quarantine at home.. and not lock down.

At the first week after the breaking news of the very first two patients of Covid-19 in Indonesia (March, 2nd 2020), Indonesia citizens got shocked and a lot of talks about the virus started everywhere. Well, it has been discussed a lot on internet before, but not as big as after the breaking news.

After two weeks, Covid-19 patients tracked not only in Jakarta, but also in Bandung. As the result, some people started to do physical distancing in their own consciousness. Then, Self-quarantine was suggested and told to be a good preventive way by the DKI Governor, Anies Baswedan, since he realized that the virus has to be cut by minimizing physical interaction in daily life.  Many people agreed to the idea. However, the others were still not aware of the dangers of the covid-19. Some of the citizen, laughed at Mr. Anies' idea.
For my personal note, I got sick a couple pf days after the breaking news. I had fever and suffered from cough. I thought it was because of the body adaptation of the new environment and that I was just tired of the long trip but some people was suspicious that I was infected with covid-19 since I visited Soekarno-Hatta airport a day before the news.

Three weeks passed, the number of patients who suffered covid-19 increased. Indonesian government announced national self-quarantine. Schools and educational institutions were suggested to close and do home study. Some companies started to do the "Work From Home" periods for the workers. Some boarding school chose to close the gate and restrict the school area.
But still, many of Indonesian citizen did not have the chance to do #DiRumahAja, or... they chose not to do self-quarantine. Some of the people thought of what to eat if they had to stay home.
The Boarding school I have been living in for the past weeks since the breaking news of the covid-19 first patients, decided to sent the students home.  Some villagers live around the boarding school area said that there is no need to be worried. The virus will never be able to come here--Solok, because Solok is count as a village and the air is clean. I wanted to argue the point but I didn't want to  be rude so I kept my mouth in silence. I understand that the decision gave effects to the economic situation of theirs.
The rest of the citizens who did not want to stay home, were just a little bit selfish - in my opinion, and they might had thought that covid-19 is overrated.

People talked about whether to do lock down or not. Citizens argued and criticized the government in real life and on internet. Most of the talks were about:

  • Lack of transparency in overcoming the corona pandemic
  • Slow and low tests and treatments the virus
  • Negative impacts of the #StayAtHome and #WorkFromHome
Four weeks passed. The number of covid-19 patients had somehow increased way too much. Some cases started to come from small villages. 
It also broke Solok, the name of the district I currently live in. Two patients was identified positive of covid-19. People got worried, anxious and scared-- including me, of course. Those two patients had no symptoms and they had traveled and met many people on the way to the hospital to take covid-19 rapid test. 
Masks were surprisingly very hard to be found and grew expensive. Hand-sanitizers became a super expensive thing to get, many hospitals were incapable of taking care of the patients. Panic-buying happened. Boarding-schools decided to send the students home. People were so scared to make even a little cough and snitch. Covid-19 was a trending topic of every social media.

Month changed. Television stations had started to shoot and broadcast their TV shows from home. Dramatic stories and moments happened. Governments made disinfectant-spraying programs reached even the smallest villages.

9 to 10 weeks passed. Masks price has gone cheaper and easy to be found. Hand-sanitizers were not something to be talked a lot as before.
Ramadhan came. Holiday came. Masjid, churches, and all religious pray home area had been suggested shut down. But some people came and go to pray in Masjid in the holy month of Ramadhan. People still argued a lot as a netizen and as a citizen.

11 weeks passed and suddenly McDonald's Sarinah became a trending topic. I scrolled down on Twitter and found that some people gathered there whether to celebrate or to demonstrate the closing of the business - I do not know.
And here I am spending my days alone in the dormitory, in the place I never thought of and wished to come. But I'm happy! 😊


I googled the information of the covid-19 outbreak after the publication of this post, and got jaw-dropped at what I found. This is the curve of covid-19 cases in Indonesia. Do you see how the curve of the active cases got higher and higher, while the recovered one does not seem to be promising?
The screenshot is taken from
  Wikipedia: the detailed case of covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia