A trip to Umbultuk Cave - Example of recount text

Six years ago in 2010 when I was living in Malang, my teachers, my friends and I went to a tourist place called Umbultuk Cave. It’s located in Bakung, South Blitar, Indonesia. Umbultuk Cave is very unique, because it has river inside it and many stalaktites and stalagmites. My teacher told us that the cave was used as the hiding place for some Partai Komunis Indonesia (PKI) members. We went there to spend our holiday by some buses.

The trip from Malang to Blitar is a little far, so my friends and I fell asleep in the bus. When we arrived at the place, my teacher invited us to wade into the cave by walking. So, my friends and I changed our shoes to wear sandals because we will walk inside the river. We waded the cave happily.

When we arrived to the deep of 2 meters of the river, we saw some bats were hanging on the cave. Some of us screamed and I felt amazed because it is the very first time for me to see a herd of bats hanging to each other on the cave. We arrived in the half length of the cave and I was very tired. I could not stand the cold temperature inside the cave. I lost my sandals, my flash-light didn’t work and my feet got cramp and my hands trembled. Then, I sank into the river after I pulled my friends for help. A guider around us came to help me. He carried me outside of the cave while friends were complaining to our teachers that they got very tired and they were afraid that another students will fall again. The trip takes a very long time to get to another end of the cave. 

We went out of the cave, took Duhr pray on a big stone and we had our lunch. Then we got back to our dormitory and went home separately.

Written by Ummu I. S.