Big Hero 6 - Movie Review and Summary

Bibliographic Information:
Williams, C. (Diretctor), & Hall, D. (Director). (2014). Big Hero 6 [Motion Picture]. United States: Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Big Hero 6 is an afor-real action superhero movie which are produced and released in 2014. This film was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, same animation studio with Frozen, it was released by Walt Disney Pictures. Big Hero 6 is directed by Chris Williams and Don Hall. The lead characters in this movie are Hiro Hamada and his robot named Baymax. The main casts of this movie is Ryan Potter who voices Hiro Hamada and Scott Adsit who voices Baymax.

Overall evaluation:
This movie is fantastic in animation, it has good animation that make people interesting to watch this movie. Every characters in this movie looks like they are alive. Besides, the story of this movie is very funny. The animator creating Baymax character with its big body size and its amusing act. Sometimes Baymax does some foolish act when its battery getting low, and it is very amusing.


Summary of the movie’s beginning:
Hiro Hamada (14 years old) is a robot expert who lives in a country called “San Fransokyo”. San Fransokyo is a sublime mash up of America and Japan. Hiro has a big brother named Tadashi, Hiro lives with Tadashi and his aunt after his parents died. Tadashi is not sure with Hiro’s potential, so he takes Hiro to the University of San Fransokyo to help him find his potency. But then Tadashi is killed in a fiery accident and it makes Hiro feel depression. Hiro Hamada forms a superhero team, the members of his team are including all of Tadashi’s friends – Go Go Tomago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred. Hiro makes the team to against Yokai. Yokai is a mysterious masked figure who takes control of Hiro’s microbots. Before Tadashi die, he makes a health care robot named Baymax. Baymax and Hiro’s team help Hiro to find the causes of fiery accident. Then, Hiro, Baymax and Tadashi’s friends gather together and they make a superhero team called Big Hero 6.
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Further evaluation – some weaknesses:
This movie has some negative things in some scenes. One of Tadashi’s women friends wear tight stretch pants and it emphasizes their body shape. For Indonesian’s children, it is too erotic. Besides, there are so many violence in this movie, of course it is not good for children. There are so many fighting in some scenes in this movie.

Restatement of impression and recommendation:
Nevertheless the movie is very funny and also amusing for all ages. But, for Indonesian’s children, it doesn’t recommended. Even though this is animation movie, parents or adult should watch over their children while watching this movie.


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